Qualified Annuity Services, Inc.
is a leading provider of pension risk transfer solutions serving the needs of pension plans since 1981. Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) and Terminal Funding Annuity contracts guarantee benefits for retired or deferred participants. Our proprietary Pension Risk Transfer 1000 Index allows us to dynamically monitor sensitivities of risk transfer solutions over time. Our leading PRT Index provides a discrete view to pension risk transfer costs. A properly executed Pension Risk Transfer strategy can reduce liabilities and costs.

Our expertise can assist with ...

- Pension Risk Transfer de-risking strategies
- Monitoring Pension Risk Transfer monitoring utilizing our PRT Index
- Terminal Funding Annuity placements for plan terminations

Our expertise adheres to stringent requirements of ERISA...

- Named Fiduciary status/responsibility in selecting annuity providers
- Adherence to ERISA Procedural Prudence standards per Bussian
- Defined Benefit Pension Plan Consulting
- Guidance on the Safest Available Annuity per DOL IB 95-1

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