Annuity Consulting Services…

for Annuity Contract Placements

Because employers are typically inexperienced with the plan termination process, QAS assumes the leadership role of educating the plan sponsor. Our skills and expertise allow us to thoroughly and effectively:

  • Analyze and evaluate the plan’s asset/liability structure;
  • Consult with the plan actuary to confirm benefit calculations, forms, and structures;
  • Review and underwrite the plan document for inclusion of relevant plan provisions;
  • Develop comprehensive bid specifications;
  • Audit and reconcile participant data and benefit forms;
  • Audit all bid replies to ensure contracts provide for relevant provisions;
  • Prepare Executive Summary for permanent records of employer;
  • Negotiate bids and settlement provisions;
  • Coordinate contract installation; and,
  • Review and analyze final contract.

As a result, the trustee will acquire the most competitively priced annuity that supports all provisions specified in the plan, as well as documentation that adheres to the requirements for selecting an annuity provider. Our SPGA Case Studies and Testimonials showcase a few of our many solution-driven strategies.