SPIA Value-added Services…

QAS has established valued relationships with most NYSE member firms and we currently support the immediate annuity needs of over 40,000 brokers and financial consultants nationwide. We know that offering SPIAs means much more than just offering quotes. Various enhancements can be used to customize the product to specific situations, including:

  • substandard underwriting to produce even greater income due to decreased life expectancies
  • estate planning and wealth transfer techniques to provide income that funds life insurance premiums
  • cost of living features that allow income to keep pace with inflation

See our SPIA Solutions which are actual case studies designed to aid in understanding the uses of SPIAs and some of the enhancements that are available.

Another value-added service from QAS is a proprietary method of evaluating the economics of life income annuities through use of THE BELLERSEN CURVE®. Insurers estimate life expectancy of annuitants. THE BELLERSEN CURVE® attempts to measure the “insurance” aspect of such an annuity by illustrating the change in the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) throughout a prolonged life. The return is measured to an individual’s life expectancy and to their age 100. The possibility for greater IRR based upon a longer life may be of interest to some individuals when considering the purchase of an immediate life annuity. The Internal Rate of Return measured in THE BELLERSEN CURVE® is for illustrative purposes only and can only be measured on a theoretical basis until the ultimate death of the annuitant. THE BELLERSEN CURVE® is not meant to provide any reference to guarantees or future values of any policy or contract.