QAS Profile…

Since 1981, QAS has been an industry leader in single premium group annuity contract placements. We have valuable working relationships with the ever-changing market of group annuity issuers. We are proficient in presenting the most suitable and competitively priced strategies for our clients. Our expertise with underwriting preferences and pricing methods allow us to negotiate and obtain highly competitive pricing to meet client budgetary constraints.

Our fiduciary protocol offers an unparalleled standard:

Our ERISA named fiduciary discipline resulted in limited client exposure to TARP candidate and recipient companies.

QAS takes great pride in our value-added proprietary documentation package which has been refined over more than 30 years. We assume “named fiduciary” status under ERISA for making the selection of an annuity provider. This role satisfies the minimum standard of DOL 95-1 and meets the more rigorous demands and the appropriate standard for adherence to “procedural prudence” standard of ERISA.

We offer unparalleled skills in understanding and managing pension plan risks. This allows us to be highly creative in meeting our client goals for minimizing contribution and volatility risks as we apply strategic solutions.

Ultimately these skills translate to a “win-win-win” for DB sponsors, participants, and shareholders.